Friday, February 25, 2011

Found a nail stuck to my rear tire over the weekend.
Taking that rear tire off for vulcanizing is a major bitch.
Putting it back was too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Found myself in Bacolod last Wednesday
for the Philippines vs. Mongolia football match in Pana-ad.
My cousins and I have planned this way ahead of time
and it was great to finally get there.

We flew in on the day of the match itself.
Settled down and chilled out for a bit before heading to the venue
for the tailgate party.

Caught up with some buddies from Manila right outside
and loaded up on alcohol before the game.

It was nice to see a whole lot of people flying in from Manila
to show some love for the Azkals. Good fucking thing we won.

My cousins Mikey and Tip.

My buddy Ebong, the blue-haired fanatic.

Back home in Manila now. Crap.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The PI Jazzfest is here again.
Our Bateria will be playing tonight at the Venice Piazza.
Of course they got the group's name wrong.
It's Escola de Samba de Manila, not ESCOLTA.
BUT, it don't matter. The music does.
From motorcycles to stinky cabs, now I'm really feeling it.

Sat on Stella this morning and felt like I could start riding already.
Of course Dee was against it.
Besides, I also felt a bit uncomfortable. Maybe in a couple more days.
Can't fucking wait to hit the open road again.

Yesterday was a trip.
Went to my doc for a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment.
If y'all don't know what that is, here's an explanation...
Right before injecting the processed blood into me though,
he had to know where exactly it hurt.
So, he started pressing around my knee and boy did he find it.
Ended up slapping his hand off. It was fucking painful.
Took my brace off last night and my knee felt a lot better.
I guess it worked.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a bitch.

Tore my MCL Monday night playing ball and now I can't even ride
my fucking motorcycle. That really blows.

It sucks having to rely on other people to drive you around and shit.
I can't even sit properly because my leg has to be straight at all times. I'm having a bloody hard time sitting here right now.

Anyway, the doctor didn't look so concerned about it
(probably because it ain't his leg anyway) so that should be good.
Told me to go back in a week so he can check it out again.
As of now, my right knee looks like a fat blob and I feel the same.